The 3 tasteful letters of Oma

 » On Sunday you will brunch !  » – or any other day you want to. Review your 10 commandments, there it is and if not it can only be an unfortunate oversight . In order to fill this sunday duty more and more addresses offer this meal, halfway between breakfast and dinner . Today I present to you , if you don’t know  it yet, Oma .


Oma has chosen St-Gilles to prepare its mismatched plates and buffet . In fact this is the first thing I see right after the door. My voracious eyes wander from one dish to another in search of my first prey. Should I start first with the hot or the cold dishes , the sweet or the salty one ? Soup , noodles ( !) salads, cheese cake , fruit, cheeses and more rub on the table. To accompany them, a hot drink of my choice, it will be a tea served in a small teapot . I help myself, sit and savor. There is everything and something for everyone from the moment we try a different brunch than the traditional eggs / bacon / potatoes / fruits ( which nevertheless has all my blessings and maybe yours too).

The place itself is not very spacious and become quickly full, you need to be a bit lucky to be seated upon arrival if you have not booked . Service meanwhile is fast enough and has a frank smile , it’s nice ,you can only send yours in return. I pass through the door, a full stomach and this certainty in my mind: I’ll come back, I promise.

The ‘more’ that makes the difference :

  • challenge the quality / price ratio could not be more filled with flying colors. Brunch for less than 20 € we made it fun without complex

The little ‘ less ‘ :

  • I was surprised when I did’nt see juice included in the brunch formula. They are available but extra. Too bad but this is only my opinion
  • the buffet is close to the front door and at less than 2 meter maybe from some tables to settle. Tight , elbows to the body, passing it turns out sometimes perilous with your plate in hands but considering the internal configuration of the place it is hard to imagine how it would be different

rue Jourdan, 29
1060 Bruxelles


Et vous, vous en pensez quoi? And you guys, what do you think about it?

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