The must-sees of March 2014

Carnival holidays are behind us. I‘m well rested, I tenjoyed a lot and I missed Brussels. With all the activities, exhibitions, shows, fairs and other than the city offers throughout the year, we must be capricious (or pain in the ass, dare to say it) for not finding our account. Not convinced? Follow the guide!

Made in Asia

Fans of manga and asian culture will meat each other in Made in Asia .Concerts, conferences, book signings, discoveries Asia is decidedly delicious! ;)

Where | Brussels Expo hall 5
When| 14>16 march

 St-Patrick’s day

Sunny days are back so put on you colorful clothes. Bet everything on the green this Monday, March 17 2014 is the St. Patrick’s Day! Guinness, Kilkenny and cider will be (among others) your fellow party … in moderation eh!

Where | Irish pub (Michael Collins/O’Reilly’s/The Old Oak/De Valera’s/…)
When | 17 march 2014


Bonom, the lame monkey

Few days left to see the exhibition about Bonom aka Vincent Glowinski. You are probably already passed in front of one of his works in the capital as the one above in the Louise / Stephanie neighborhood.

Where | Iselp
When | until 22 march 2014


Et vous, vous en pensez quoi? And you guys, what do you think about it?

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