Let it « B » – April 2014

As far as I can remember, I‘ve always loved the month of April. Child, he was the meaning of the end of the school year approaching, egg hunts, and almost nothing changed during my adolescence . Young adult in college, April sounded the death knell of procrastination and brought me back to the reality of the exams period. Adult, entrenched in the professional world, April now has the scent of passing time, awareness of the precariousness of anything but perpetual renewal. April reassuring me. Then as now everything seems possible during this month . Days and apéro are getting longer, the terraces are stormed,and other sorts of activities animate Brussels. In this regard here is my selection of events for this month:


Millénium, The International Documentary Festival is back for the 6th edition with documentaries from all around the world. There’s matter to consider and debate around the themes of this edition ie North / South relations, music and media influence. Dare to get out of your comfort zone. For our highest good.

What | Millénium
Where | BOZAR
When | 03>11 april 2014

It is back to play us a bad (good) turn. « It, » of course, is the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival or BIFFF Gore cinema preview, and B-grade masterpiece will be present without forgetting the now traditional Zombie Parade and  Vampire Bal. Because if the exhibitions and openings is very nice, release the pressure without any complex is also pretty cool!


What | BIFFF
Where | BOZAR
When | 08>20 april 2014


Film again, short version: the  Brussels Short Film Festival is not less than 300 films to suit all tastes. I do not write more, just to stay in the short’ theme!

What | Brussels Short Film Festival
Where | divers lieux à Ixelles et Bruxelles Centre-Ville
When | 23 april > 03 may 2014

OFF – Contemporary Art Fair will showcase a dynamic and promising young art scene. The event is growing and will soon become an unmissable event in the capital. Kimbylicieux will be present at the opening and if you do not have your invitation,  I’ll probably got something for you – but hush!

What | OFF
Where | Tour & Taxis
When | 26>28 avpril 2014 (opening on 25th only with invitation)

From art in Brussels to Art Brussels here is only one step! Considered by many as the eldest of the  OFF art fair mentionned above, Art Brussels gives you also your shot of contemporary art .  ‘Cause if you want it you got it.


What| Art Brussels
Where | Brussels Expo
When | 25>27 avril 2014 (preview et vernissage le 24 uniquement sur invitation)

 2014 marks the centenary of the First World War. On this occasion the 14-18, c’est notre histoire relates among other things, the Belgian daily during the war. Because the story is not just about dates and facts. Because remembering is also a duty.


What | 14-18, c’est notre histoire (exhibition)
Where | Musée royal de l’Armée et d’Histoire militaire
When | jusqu’au 26 april 2014


Et vous, vous en pensez quoi? And you guys, what do you think about it?

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