Where is the feast? Jour de Fête

Let’s go to Jour de Fête
We meet so very brussels people
The food is good !
And all this for about 20 euros

Its name already sounds good.  » Jour de Fête » (day of feast) I think on an invitation. Housed in an area considered by many as the antithesis of the friendly welcome (on the Boulevard Anspach near Annessens ) , this restaurant is a real therapy.

My eyes linger on the chairs first , as escapes from another era , that of my childhood. My attention was then caught by our host for the dinner . Spontaneous , smiling, perfectly bilingual … it is Brussels from head to toe , my dear! I have a look into the kitchen counter with the antipasti in foreground . Will I fall for them? 4 euros for a copiously served small plate , bingo . A house aperitif ? Let’s have a Mirabelle . To this I add a homemade iced tea – delicious , not too sweet and especially 2 euros only. Double bingo.

The menu is short and I like it. Our host says it changes regularly. I like it too. I opted for the risotto primavera and Parma ham . Him, I love it. I ‘ll take a dessert? Ask me this or rather ask me about the extension of my stomach capacity . I am delighted with my dinner, the portions are generous . The dessert will be for next time.

The ‘more’ that makes the difference :

  • good price for value
  • brings fresh vibes in this neighborhood
  • has a room to rent for your private events

Jour de Fête
Boulevard Anspach 181
1000 Brussels



2 thoughts on “Where is the feast? Jour de Fête

    1. Hello Gabrielle,

      thank you very much!

      I did read the article in the Victoire Mag… great to know that we are sharing the same tastes 😉

      If you decide to visit that place, I would love to read your comment about it.


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