3 « be there or be square » this weekend in Brussels (20-22 of June)

It’s the World Cup, tell us something we don’t know. But between two games, here are 3 suggestions that you may not noticed before.


The famous italian editor Panini, its collector books and its stickers are the guest of honour of this exhibition. To keep on the FIFA wave but not only. Enzo will be there, will you?

Where | Tour & Taxis
When | 19/06 > 31/08


Summe time is finally coming and the entire Belgium is about to host it in music this weekend. It would be such a shame to miss a new edtion of the fête de la musique.

Where | different places in Belgium
When | 20/06 > 22/06


The 2013 edition wasn’t the last one: Zumba Party  is back. Just perfect to warm us up before a new game of the Red Devils.

Where | Grand Place de Bruxelles
When | Sunday 22 June


Et vous, vous en pensez quoi? And you guys, what do you think about it?

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