Guest post | we have found the II Element

Craving for an asian dish? It seems like Christine had a hunch about it! Her steps led her to the II Elément.

The first thought I have to this restaurant is a brasserie – like most Belgian brasseries. Wrong guess! In fact, it is an Asian one and most specifically a thai restaurant, funny enough because it doesnt sound asian (letting names like « spirit of the dragon » or other « flavors of Asia » in the closet is also pretty good sometimes).

If you belong to those whom like modern and bright decor, your design standards will be satisfied although the place is not that spacious. Indeed as time passes by, the place may become quite crowded and you’re cramped.

What about the food? Speaking for me I knew it was going to be pad thai and green curry which is my favorite. At the end of the day the result is good even not as proper asian taste. Add a tsinga beer as your drink and enjoy the food and the people, because yes, the crew is welcoming and accomodating. Go ahead to have a chat and a joke with them. The kind of details that makes you come back.

II Elément
rue St-Boniface 7
1050 Brussels

Christine G.

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About the contributor:

Christine G. left London to write a new chapter in her book of life in Brussels. More than just an « expat », she is now properly living the Belgian way of life. Join us and discover foody places through her « London Eye ».


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