Who wants a free entrance for Saveurs Toscanes 2014?

« Fairs » (salon in french, which can mean living room) have always intrigued me a bit. The travel fair, baby fair, study and job fair, … When I was a child, I absolutely did not understand why it was called « salons » when it was nothing like the good old living room I knew. Yes, naively, I expected an over king size version of the coffee table and couches (so what). And when I finally saw chairs and lounges, strictly speaking, at a food fair (not but what, really?) I hope you can imagine it didn’t help me at all.

In short, all this  to say that since then the holly revelation about it appeared to me (thankfully) and the Salon (fair…I know you got it now) des Saveurs Toscanes will drop its suitcases and its Tuscany Way of Life in Brussels those 03, 04 and 05 October. If it doesn’t look like a perfect occasion to discover this beautiful region and all the oh-so-good products which it abounds, I don’t know what it is then!

Good news come rarely alone, be aware of the following. Ready? Come on, I’ll let you finish what you are doing.
May I continue? Ok!

 Le Salon des Saveurs Toscanes 2014 and Kimbylicieux offer 3 x 2 entrances to the faithful readers of Kimbylicieux! It could not be simpler: leave a comment at the bottom of the article! To do this, you must leave your email address, through this  I’ll reply.

We will definitely treat ourselves, trust me!!



Et vous, vous en pensez quoi? And you guys, what do you think about it?

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