Tranches de cake

Discovering new food spots is quite like a treasure hunt game. We never really know what we are about to find out, we wander around unknown neighborhoods. I absolutely love that, then when a follower asked me if I was in the mood for a bagel in Uccle I was immediately curious to know what kind of treasure it will be today.

Tranches de cake is the realization of the project designed by Stéphanie Miraglia. Facing the city/town hall , its configuration in between floor reminds some US spots style like Juliette & Chocolat in Montreal. Nice tea room lunch and brunch plan, the address is a piece of paradise for the twee that I am. Girly design but not too much with sweet or salty bagels, cupackes and other sugar killings ( cheesecake , cake pop , banoffee … should I continue ? ) All this would not really be valuable if hosting wasn’t as nice as the rest… but it is! Charming , smiling , the couple on commands is doing what it takes to be sure you are spending a nice moment. Prepare yours by visiting their website.

"Ahem, can you repeat please?"
Bagels, cupcakes and others sweet US sugars killings made in Brussels that’s possible in at  Tranches de cake.

Have you been there ? Tell me! And why not joining us on facebook. Well let’s stay together 🙂

Tranches de cake
rue Beeckman 102
1180 Uccle


Et vous, vous en pensez quoi? And you guys, what do you think about it?

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