God save the Queen, Mark et Spencer

Finally : 14 years after it left Brussels, the oh-so-british flagship store M&S is back, in Toison d’Or, sharing the hood with a brand new Zara. And we must say it made a lot of noise!

Flashback: M&S wasn’t able to face the huge H&M and Zara wave in rue Neuve. The brand decided to shut all its European stores to stay focused on the English market, a decision that led to more than 300 job losses.

But a new story begins and it could be different. The Brussels spot presents 3 levels dedicated to fashion, foodhall and home interior design.

All the English products lovers, and the expats missing their homeland will be in heaven: tea, marmelade, scone, cider, pancakes, salmon et many more. Last bust not least, you may have a sit for a proper tea time.

I couldn’t end that post without any mention for my crush: the bakery. My scones came right out of the oven, so fresh-so hot-so delicious.

Kimbylicieux - Mark & Spencer Bruxelles


Et vous, vous en pensez quoi? And you guys, what do you think about it?

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